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I gather here all my programs and other beings that IMHO could ever contribute to anything. All the stuff you can find here is my legal possession and I am the only owner of copyrights. I allow one to download and copy my works for personal purposes, but I forbid any independent distribution or taking advantage of them for commercial purposes (it refers to all files available on my pages, not only in this section - exceptions are clearly marked).

Software downloadable from my websites is spyware- and malwarefree. It was chacked by Avira AntiVir Personal.

Marketing Database - plzip5117 KB
Beach simulator (sharks + humans = bloody spree! who will survive? +sources) - plzip634 KB
Program teaching geography for matriculation at WSE (Polish towns) - plzip244 KB
Program teaching geography for matriculation at WSE (countries) - plzip243 KB
Program teaching German vocabulary - pl zip231 KB
Writing of compositions using the Markov's algorithm (ASCII file as input) - enzip212 KB
Program showing bifurcations and the chaos as the properties of logistic equation - plzip202 KB
Simple cellular automaton - plzip 199 KB
Program intercepting the keyboard controller (for Windows, creates file dump.txt in own directory) - plzip198 KB
Creating multi-line gg-statuses - plzip 197 KB
Program drawing Möbius strip - enzip 193 KB

Remark! For special request, I can provide sources of any program mentioned here (if they are not available).

The list above does not contain even one percent of programs I have ever written. I was unable to share most of them for variety of reasons.

Jungle (Flash)html801 KB
Zuma (Flash)html857 KB
Zuma II (Flash)html811 KB
Catherine (a game, which was developed as a birthday present for my former friend)zip506 KB
Font similar to my handwriting zip29 KB
Combination of a real map and the maps from Fallout games jpg1486 KB

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