Hi. I’m pleased to meet you.

My name is Adam Narkiewicz

and I live in Warsaw, Poland.
Right now I am a CFO at AdPilot,
an advertising agency
employing around 90 people.

My general interest is in efficient allocation of resources.
By resources I mean not only monetary assets but also
human resources, time, knowledge and so on.
Thus I am interested in management
as well as in economics. I also like
programming and computer science.
It makes a lot of my work much easier.

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2012 - present Chief Financial Officer AdPilot
2009 - 2012 Graduate Assistant University of Florida
2005 - 2008 Database developer MediStat Niewada
i Kamiński S.C.
2003 - 2004 Database developer Machine Engineering
Company Henryk


2009 - 2011 M.A. in Economics University of Florida
2004 - 2009 M.A. in Economics Warsaw School
of Economics
2004 - 2008 B.A. in Quantitative
Methods in Economics
and Information Systems
Warsaw School
of Economics

Selected skills & experience

Duties as a CFO in AdPilot

  • managing company’s financial resources
  • tax optimization
  • improving company structure and its internal processes
  • overseeing accounting, business intelligence division,
    HR division, and office support
  • facilitating coordination with distribution companies

Duties as a database developer

  • designing, developing (both frontend and backend)
    and providing support for local (MS Access) and online
    (MySQL+PHP) databases


  • Polish (native)
  • English (fluent)
  • German (basic)
  • Spanish (basic)

Duties as a university assistant

  • writing applications for web scraping and data processing
  • implementing numerical methods and simulations,
    mostly in C++
  • teaching undergraduate level economics and PhD level
    econometrics and numerical methods

Academic research topics

  • Polish electricity generating industry
  • economic consequences of climate change
  • sustainability and regulation of fisheries


  • familiarity with practical problems faced by an international
    logistic companies
  • a host of computer programming languages
  • scientific software, especially for optimization
    and statistical analysis

& other achievements

  • 2013

    Solved the Rubik's Cube without any help.
    It took six hours

  • 2010

    Rafael Lusky Award for the best student in the first year
    of the PhD program in Economics, University of Florida

  • 2010

    Award for students with the maximum
    possible GPA
    , University of Florida

  • 2003

    Bronze medal in 10th Polish Olympiad
    in Informatics

  • 2002 - 2003

    Finalist of 53rd and 54th
    Polish Olympiad in Mathematics

Selected pastimes & topics of interest

  • Scientific novelties
  • Historic movies and books
  • Mastering languages
  • Salsa and other elements
    of Latin culture
  • Playing and developing video games

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